Etter de forferdelige hendelsene på Utøya og i Oslo har det strømmet inn støttende ord fra feministbevegelsen. Organisasjoner fra hele verden uttrykker sin medfølelse og sympati til ofrene og alle berørte.

Meldingene har kommet fra feminister blant annet i Frankrike, Tanzania, Colombia og Canada, og viser gjennom sine meldinger og adresser at vi ikke står alene. Flere berømmer også hvordan Norge takler sorgen. Blant annet skriver Etenesh Hadis fra African Women Organisation: «We are deeply sorry and highly touched as we continue to recognize the contribution of the Norwegian people to international development».

Susan George trekker frem at det er våre fremtidige ledere som er drept, men ser allikevel ikke på situasjonen som en tapt sak: George maner til felles beskyttelse av de verdiene og prinsippene drapsmannen så sterkt hatet. Og det skal vi fortsette med i Fett.

Et utvalg av meldingene vi har mottatt:

To all dear comrades and friends in Norway,

Like the rest of the world I am stunned and devastated by what has befallen you and your country.  The centre of Oslo and that tiny island of peace and openness to reflexion and learning of the Socialist Youth summer university are the last places where one could have imagined such brutal and bloody events.  Anyone with experience of your country’s character and people is struck by an initial wave of incredulity and rejection—you’re mistaken, this can’t be true, you can’t be talking about Norway, such things are unthinkable there, unthinkable of these people, I know them and your reports are wrong.

Yet it is true and the reports are genuine.  A second wave of heartsickness and despair comes next—for all the innocent dead and the  interrupted lives; for the children and not just the children but the best among them, the ones who would have been the next generation’s leadership.  We have no idea, no one will ever know what has been lost.  Who can measure what each of these destinies might have given to Norway and to the world?  Through the individual excellence of its citizens, your country has contributed to the rest of us far more than its size and numbers could have foretold.  But these dead and wounded are your people, above all your young people—and however much we may want to share it, no foreigner can imagine the full measure of your grief, the grief of the families, the friends, the colleagues, the entire country.

In this darkness of  death, destruction and horror, there is only one thing to be thankful for—the executioner wasn’t a Moslem or another “outsider” but a demented, far right, pure Norwegian fundamentalist; a criminal embodying the poison that the extreme right distills every day into the body politic, trying to make rational discourse and even ordinary human solidarity impossible.  What have any of us in common with this man?  Nothing. And nothing can ever justify the deaths of the Norwegians he murdered.  But let them at least serve to reaffirm our common defense of all the values and all the principles the murderer hated and rejected so as to ensure that no matter what, they shall prevail.

With my deepest sympathy and affection,

Susan George

Dear friends in Norway,

We in Tanzania have been deeply shocked and grieved for the massive bombings and shootings that took place at a meeting of the youth wing of Norway’s ruling Labour Party, July 22, 2011 in the Utoya Island.

A bomb that also ripped through Oslo’s central government district on Friday by a gunman dressed as a policeman.

The recent tragedy is an unbearable cost to the Norwegian Nation.  We want to assure you that we are together in these difficult times of mourning and grief.

We deeply sympathize and pray that our almighty God grants you with the strength to accept what has happened as irreparable and nurse your wounds with his love from above for a smooth healing.


For IAC Tanzania

On behalf of the team of the African Women Organization in Vienna, an affiliated organization to IAC, I would like to express our condolences and our sympathies for your country and victims of the tragedy that occurred in Oslo this past weekend. We are deeply sorry and highly touched as we continue to recognize the contribution of the Norwegian people to international development.

Your country remains in our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

With best regards,

Etenesh Hadis

Public Relations Officer

African Women Organisation (Afrikanische-Frauen Organisation)

Foto: Erlend Schei/Flickr Commons

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